Individual Therapy

Currently, our standard fee is £50.00 per session. This is reviewed every year on 1st September.

Treatment Fund

We recognise that not everyone can afford to pay the full fee for therapy and we can sometimes offer reduced fees when funds are available. This is something to discuss at your assessment. We do our best to help and the level of fee is decided on an individual basis.

Short Term Therapy (8 sessions)

For those in receipt of qualifying benefits, and where short term therapy is suitable, we may be able to offer a reduced fee of £ 15.00 per session for up to 8 sessions.

Longer Term Therapy (30 sessions)

We can also sometimes offer a reduced fee of £ 25.00 for longer term work (up to 30 sessions) to people on low income.

Therapists’ Reduced Fees

In addition to the ACPS treatment fund our therapists also offer a limited number of low fee places for people who cannot afford the full fee. If you feel this applies to you, you can discuss availability of reduced fee with your therapist.

Couples Therapy

We do not currently offer couples therapy.