Friends of ACPS

‘Friends of Avon Counselling and Psychotherapy Service’ is for individuals, organisations and businesses who wish to support the aims of Avon Counselling and Psychotherapy Service.

ACPS was founded in 1988 to provide a professional service to the community. We are a non profit making organisation.

We are used by individuals from all sections of the community, and are registered as a charity to make available, when possible, counselling and psychotherapy to those who might otherwise be denied treatment for financial reasons.

ACPS is also in a position to offer employee counselling for businesses and organisations. Please contact us for further details of short-term contract schemes.

Our main counselling rooms are located in Orchard Street which is off the Centre, behind the Hippodrome.

As well as taking self-referrals, ACPS is known to G.P.’ s, statutory services and voluntary agencies.

ACPS is a very cost effective organisation. Almost all funds go directly to meeting the costs of therapy sessions for those who are unemployed or on a very low income.

‘Friends of ACPS’ wants to establish as wide a base of funding as possible. Even a small donation to cover the cost of this brochure would be welcome, but if you can manage a regular donation by becoming a ‘Friend of ACPS’ this would be very valuable.

If you would like to become a Friend of ACPS, please complete the form below. For more information on ACPS or on ‘Friends of ACPS’ please contact us by email.